Brightening Peptide Emulsion

Specially formulated to maintain our skin’s natural physiological equilibrium. It is effective in calming and re-hydrating sensitive skin. It also improves skin elasticity, suppleness and firmness, thus, promoting a brightening effect.

Meliority Nano C

Specially formulated using the latest Nano technology. Nano C can easily penetrates into dermis layer, enhance skin elasticity through strengthening collagen tissues, lighten pigments, and re-hydrate skin. It can also helps to minimize fine lines, repair damaged cells and keeps your skin healthy and luminous glow.

Pure White Solution

Its powerful anti-oxidant properties help to increase production of collagen and elastic fibres, promote firmness, improve blood circulation and strengthen the skin's natural immune system. Pure White Solution is also an effective anti-ageing product that helps cellular regeneration, reduce appearance of fine lines and pigmentation, and improve dull and uneven skin tones.

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