Repairing Masque: Anti-Acne

The precious apple stem cell and extra hyaluronic acid allow instant moisture penetration into the skin. Other active ingredients like Vitis Vinifera Extract and Aloe Barbadensis Extract help to improve cells regeneration, prevent acne and refine pores. The mask is also effective in controlling excessive sebum secretion which leads to blackheads formation. Keep skin soft and refreshed.

Skin Recovery Masque

Enriched with excellent Aloe Barbadensis Extract to promote skin's metabolism thus increase effectiveness in skin healing process and stabilize uncomfortable skin conditions.

Repairing Masque- Hydro Moist

Hydro Moist Masque with the precious Pseudoalteromonas Frement Extract, can instantly boost the moisture level in skin. It can also help to promote cell activities and restore skin’s moisture. Skin appears healthier and luminous.

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