Emily Chong

EPI Derma Formulation Sdn Bhd: Chief Lecturer | E Ideal Education Management Sdn Bhd: Principal

Over 20 years of practical experience and studies of skin physiology.
Achieved Cidesco International Recognition Certificate in year 1992.
In year 1996 recognized as the first chief instructor by the Government of Malaysia (MLVK) beauty department.
Educated through a U.S Medical Professor in beauty courses.
Achieved recognition and invites to share skin physiology courses and experience.
Recognized as Government of Malaysia (MLVK) beauty department examiner.
"Aspiring Beauty Industry Entrepreneurs to Achieve Success". In February 12, year 2001, founded EPI Derma Formulation Sdn Bhd, fully responsible for technical education, as Principal and Chief Lecturer .
Throughout the years, our company has been actively training and guided many excellent students to achieved success. Hard work and team spirit from our partners, we have over 60 branches all over Malaysia and a four stories shop office as EPI Derma Formulation Sdn Bhd headquarters .
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