CR Hydrating Essence

The essential elements in Rehydrating Essence help to infuse your skin with moisture and renew skin’s healthy look. Leaving skin beautifully soft and smooth all day long.

Aqua Emulsion

Contains excellent properties for re-hydrating and moisturizing purposes. It helps to reduce wrinkles and prevent dryness. It is also effective in enhancing elasticity, skin smoothness and radiance.

Cell Vitality

The Cream is professionally designed to smooth uneven textures with moisture, combating the look of fine lines and wrinkles and gently lifts away dull, dry skin to reveal younger-looking skin.

Comfort Repair Gel

Comfort Repair Gel effectively reduces inflammation and repair damaged cells. It contains essential substances that encourage cell regeneration as well as revitalize and protect our complexion.

Silk Protein Extract

Give long lasting hydrating and moisten effect, assist in skin metabolism, Improve roughness skin to become smoother and more elastic. Best for dry, dull and desquamate skin.

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