Oily, Pigmentation

I have had skin problem ever since graduating from high school. i have sought and tried uncountable types of products to improve my skin condition but to no avail. After being introduced to EPI products and treatment, I have the complexion that I've always dreamt of.


I have spent a lot of money and a long time trying to cure my skin problems. However, three months after using EPI products and receiveing treatment from beauty consultants of EPI, my complexion was clear of congestion and my acne problem has been improved dramatically. This has definitely boost my self confidence!


I have always admired people with healthy translucent complexion. The freckles on my face have always bothered me considerably. Throughout, I was introduced to EPI. EPI's of products and treatments have successfully helped fade away and remove the freckles on my face. I have so much faith in EPI that i have now decided to build my career path in EPI.

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